Dapper Gifts for Dad


He helped change your diapers, threatened your dates, worked to get you through college, and makes you laugh. Why not buy him something nice, alright?

Venture over into the men’s section this Father’s day and pick up something that will take his style up a notch. And if you buy any of the gifts pictured, you won’t be spending a lot so you won’t have to ask him for gas money to get home! Win. Win.

1. A plaid short sleeve shirt from Old Navy for $12 is something he can easily throw on and look good in.

2. Ooo a Timex watch with this striped band would be nice. And it’s on sale at Kohls for $37.

3. Now why can’t women have bathing suit bottoms that can also double as shorts? (Because that would look real funny that’s why). Get him these great swim trunks from Old Navy so he can be grilling one minute and swimming the next!

4. Kohls has a good thing going with this tie/pocket square combo. They mix the patterns for you but keep them in the same color family – how boss is that?! Buy this for your Dad and tell him the compliments that come pouring in are also part of his present *wink.

5. Nothing says “my Dad’s a magazine model” like a great pair of boat shoes. Never mind the fact that they cost only $17 from Old Navy.

6. Get his feet in something jazzy like these patterned socks from Kohls! They have even wackier styles then what’s shown here, so go crazy and get him something that will make him and everyone who sees him cross his legs – smile!


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