What do You Expect?

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I just read a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers about their first family photo shoot at a pumpkin patch that went completely awry.

That’s the thing with baby’s/weather/life things don’t always play out in the sunny Stars Hollow-esque way you would like…wait, I can’t…um can we talk about Gilmore Girls for a second!?

Not only do we get FOUR more episodes, but we might actually get to hear the four words Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted to end the series with! (My money’s on “Oy with the poodles”). I was so tired when I heard the news or else I would have jumped up and did an actual dance. I can’t decide if I want to binge watch all four when they come out, or savor them slowly. GAH IT’S SO EXCITING. Ok, ok…

Our first family photo shoot went great, Jackson did so well he even power napped when we had a break. It was before the shoot that the chaos ensued. And it wasn’t even Jackson, it was his mother who ran was running around like a mad woman.

And I don’t use “mad woman” loosely either. There was one point in my day where I was pushing him around the mall bumping into every corner, wearing jeans with the tags still on, shoes without socks and an undershirt that I had thrown a sweater over and buttoned randomly in the middle since my bra was brighter than the shirt.

I looked ridiculous. But I was desperately trying to find a top to wear for the pictures. Why? Because my clothing expectations are sky-high.

The other day after holding Jackson out in public, I looked down to find spit/drool marks all over the top of my tunic. Inside, I was cringing so hard, just writing about it makes me sigh. But it made me realize I’m going to have to alter my expectations a little a lot. That person inside of me that expects to have every part of my outfit perfect, they’re going to have to take a smoke break…for like the next 18 years.

Your expectations may not be outfit related, they may be relationship based or maybe…I don’t know…PINTEREST based.  The problem with having high expectations is they’re never going to be met.

My advice to myself (feel free to listen in) just show up to life wearing clothes. Your care-free attitude is what people will remember more so than {insert your expectation here}.

It’s valuing the time you have that matters, not the shirt you have on UNDER the gray sweater (geese, Elizabeth).

Dial your expectations down to zero and just be you. The bible says in John 10:10…Jesus came so that we can have and enjoy life. Not have and expect life to be perfect. Just enjoy. One of my favorite sayings is from my pastor, he says, “Expect nothing, be thankful for everything.”

These fabulous photos were taken by Brittany from Southern Roots Photos!

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