All of the happy emoji’s.


Why do I squeal with delight at the sight of pumpkins? Or smile broadly as I walk by a grocery store display of fall mums?

Because, as a true millennial would put it, fall is everything. Now let me unpack that massive statement with a list of things you didn’t know you loved about fall. Because lists are everything ;)

ONE: Fall brings more clothes and what do more clothes mean? Shaving less often (insert your own interpretation of “less often” ;)

TWO: A sharp change in season is fun because it awakens a new part of your closet. Fall opens the door to layering, jackets and tights! If you don’t feel as if you can master fall dressing – keep reading this blog! I’ll help you out with that.

THREE: The holidays are such a fun time of year. And to me, I like to start savoring them now. Use the upcoming cool days and cozy nights as reminders of the fun times ahead!

FOUR: No more bugs! Gah, I hate bugs.

FIVE: Sure there’s a time change and I’ll admit, now that I have a little boy reason to stay outside longer it’s not as exciting. But two things I like to focus on when I start to get sad about the darkness…first, it always makes you think it’s later than it is. Bonus time! And second, it’s a great excuse to pile up on pretty lights and candles outside and actually get to enjoy them! In the summer by the time it gets dark enough for lights, it’s so late. But once the time changes you can enjoy the ambiance longer.

If you just can’t WAIT to start building your fall looks, here’s some great fall fashion advice ;) Also here.

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