My Favorite Fall Pants

ankle pants

ankle pants

fall outfit inspiration

Deep breath. It’s officially fall. And when I say “deep breath” I mean, SCREAM OUT LOUD, IT’S OFFICIALLY FALL!

If I got paid for the number of times I said I love this time of year, I would be richer than Justin Biebers bail bondsman.

I thought the best first-post-of-fall subject would be these tuxedo stripped pants from J. Crew in West Town Mall. I bought them last year and spent a little more than I normally do on pants, but my reasoning was I could wear them all year round. But really, these pants are for fall.

You can tell the moment that you slip into them that they are well made pants. Sturdy, comfortable. I’m a big fan of the length. Ankle pants this time of year are absolutely perfect for balancing out heavier sweaters or blazers that might start to get worn more often. Somehow that extra inch or two of leg showing at the bottom lightens up your whole look and allows you to get away with wearing more winter-esq tops without looking like you’ve dressed for Alaska.

You do have to be careful to not pair these with shrunken pieces like a crop sweater or jacket – that will just make you look like you went through a growth spurt over night.

Something else that’s great about this length is that it really gives your shoes the spotlight. And leopard heels like these really do crave their time in the limelight.

It’s officially fall! Let’s start dressing like it! :-D

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