3 Shopping Ideas for Fall

I feel as if I am in a rut when it comes to writing the first post about fall. I pretty much stick to saying how I’m not going to gush about the oncoming season, then follow it with something like, “Just know if fall were a drug, I’d have to check into rehab,” or something like that.

Well I’m not going to do it this year! (Crap, that’s the first thing I always say). Just kno…Ha, I have a serious problem as I didn’t start writing that to be cute. Uh…I’m stuck on where to go from here. Let’s just say I’m a huge fan of fall.

Fall clothes especially make me drool, so I thought I’d share some fall inspiration off my Pinterest board (titled, “Spiffy Fall Clothes” if you want to follow) and share with you my fashion plan for the upcoming season.

1. Shop in Color.

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I’ve made a rule for myself for fall shopping – I’m not allowed to buy any gray. It’s the safe color to get but doesn’t help when you’re feeling a pop of color OR when your closet is already full of gray (out of protest to the movie I refuse to do a 50 shades of gray joke here).

Gray is soft, it is wonderful and boy does it go with a lot, but there are times you want to stand out. Be bold! Join me in buying off the rainbow this season.

2. Stock up on cool.

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Anyone else as addicted to Fixer Upper as I am? That show could be the theme song to my maternity leave – I’ve been watching it nonstop. And forget getting inspired by Joanna Gaines’ ability to stage a home – lets talk about her ability to look so cute! She has a great style that is both comfortable but awesome at the same time.

I want to get better at buying things that will help me get dressed on Saturdays and be cute about it. This outfit with the stripes on the left is a great example. Cute and cool.

The sequence jacket is a great reminder to mix and match high and low. That also helps create a cool look and reminds me to bust out my sequence pants more often.

3. Buy textures.

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These pictures make me think two things: I can’t wait to wear my leather pants again, and why does every girl on Pinterest have thighs that don’t touch? Girl please. Let a cheeto or two introduce your one thigh to the other for crying out loud.

I do love the left picture and how she’s wearing an all black outfit, but the different textures make it less boring and more awesome. So if you’re stuck with buying the same color and can’t get out of the rut despite your best efforts, shop for that color but in different textures so your look is multi-dimensional.

Also, the picture on the right proves you can layer/add textual interest with more than just your fabrics – this gal did it with some great bracelets for a cool vibe.

What are your plans for shopping this fall?

Be sure to check out this and other boards on my Pinterest!

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