Easter Dresses that are Inexpensive & Flattering

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New York & Company has me doing a double take.

They’ve got a revenge body and they’re showing it off. For years they were the go-to place for office outfit staples, but they’ve changed here in the last couple years. Now they’re more of a Sunday – Saturday destination. They have beautiful dress-up options for Sundays, basics to get you through the week and cool athleisure items for Saturdays.

I’ve been dipping more into the dress up options (like this magnificent skirt) and wanted to showcase all that they have for your Easter Sunday look… Which (PS) was way more than this, but it’s all I could fit in a page!

If you’re not all over the floral trend but like it a little…this maxi with stripes is the way to go.  It would accentuate a straight up and down body type with the extra oomph at the waist with the tie and criss cross detail at the bust.

Of course if you’re going to do floral, Easter (aka: Spring’s debutante ball) is the time to do it. The sheer panel bell sleeves on this dress will help disguise larger arms.

Or if simple is your thing, and you’re more of an inverted triangle shape – this dress with the floral detailing on the bottom will help balance your figure and draw the eye down. Plus the pleating is fantastic!

Looking to carve out a waist or  highlight your hour glass shape? This pink sheath dress with lace details in the middle is the boss of that, so get it girl!

And wow, is this pattern beautiful! I love the colors! I also love that it has an overlay that will flow so nicely as you walk. This is perfect for hiding hips and a bum – it will all just flow right over it.

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