Earrings: The Party Pants of Your Jewelry Box

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If you’re looking to add a quick dose of fun and maybe even something different to your look this year, go for a jazzy pair of earrings.

A fun pair can really wake up your classic pieces. And what’s great about them is they’re noticeable (if you wear them right, they go right near your face), but can be small enough to where you don’t have to give yourself a pep talk to walk out the door.

If they dangle, then they add great movement and punctuation to everything you say (translation: two instant charm generators). And not to mention, a pretty pair doesn’t have to cost much (I picked these up for $6 at H&M in Atlanta).

I dare you to pick up a pair you wouldn’t normally give a second glance to, and see how just how fun they make you feel.

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