Declutter Your Life with These Tips

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“De-clutter.” -from another mother.

If Google wants to invent glasses that allows me to not see clutter or messes around my house, I’ll shell out the cash.

Until that happens (and they make a version that compliments my face shape #diva) I’ll go at it the old fashion way, ignore the mess till I can no longer pull open the front door…actually de-cluttering.

Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned for keeping a house clutter free…

Start in one spot and work around clockwise.

A messy room can be SO overwhelming. Whether it’s your closet or your living room – walking into a complete mess makes me want to lay down in the floor and become part of it.

But when I start in one spot and work around the room clockwise, or break the room up into sections and go one at a time I’m able to conquer it more quickly than I thought. Speaking of which…

Set a timer.

Two things constantly amaze me: 1. How much my toddler can pee in his diaper overnight after not having drank anything for hours and 2. How much I can get done in one room in a small amount of time.

Which is why I will often set a timer for myself and do all that I can in one space in that short time frame.

I have a bad habit of starting to clean and then being so scattered about it that I don’t actually see results. But if I set a timer it forces me to focus and work on one area till it’s done, which means I see results and I’m powered up to do more!

Touch things just one time.

I forget where I read this, but it’s a great tip for keeping things clutter free.

I’ll often just move things around to get them out of my way or to “clean” the area I pass the most, but then I have to go back and still put the clutter away! So I started repeating this in my head when I realize what I’m doing…touch it just one time.

Instead of moving the mail from the table near the door, to the kitchen bar, touch it once! Go through it right then and file away everything that you need to keep. Done. Check. Move on!

This really helps to keep the clutter down and the do to list short rather than just moving it around the room.

Below are some great links for closet cleaning and more tips on staying clutter free.

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How to keep it all clean after you clear it out.

I hope this has helped you stop agonizing over how to get it all done!

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