Organize, then Celebrate with Cheesecake


Parking at the mall is like cutting open the plastic of a new toy.

You can’t wait to get inside, but you’ve got to get through a lot before you do.
(That works, right? Oh, how I long to be so clever with those types of comparisons).

Parking at the mall becomes worse when there’s a giant construction zone blocking your favorite entrance. But you know what? I’m ok with it. I’m ok with not being able to park and run into Forever21. I’m ok with having to walk waaay out of my way just to get into my favorite store. A store that I could probably walk to from my house faster than it takes me to find a parking space.

Why am I so chill about it? Because of why they’ve made that entrance a construction zone.
Cheesecake Factory.
Yes. I’ll walk through mud if I have to.

With Cheesecake Factory to cross off the list of dream places to have here in town, it’s becoming a very slim list indeed. Ikea, you’re next.

This past summer I revolutionized how I store my scarves thanks to Ikea: the massive, Swedish meatball (let’s not talk about the horses) selling chain store that’s so cleverly filled to the brim with cheap home accessories.

It’s the world’s greatest place to buy Christmas presents (among thousands of other things). The only “problem” is there’s a lot of, “One for you, one for me” that goes on (I use “problem” in the-non budget friendly sense.)

This scarf organizer, for example, was a BOFY GOFY (instead of BOGO it’s buy one for you, get one for me :) It makes a great present and is THE perfect way to hang and store my scarves!

Now, not only can I see them all but they also stay wrinkle free and are no longer weighing down my little hutch next to the front door.

If you’re not able to make the occasional trek to an Ikea, check Home Goods, or Marshalls, and also you can get one similar here on Amazon.

Gather your scarves, get them out of the drawer/balled up fetile position, and let them hang out on display! You’ll be happy, they’ll be happy-sounds like a good reason to celebrate with a meal at the Cheesecak…wait it’s not finished yet.


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