Closet Cleanse: Day 2

Giving this same talk live :)

Yesterday I got you all pumped up about cleaning out your closet (if you need to revisit the pep-talk you can do so here).

Today, it’s all about the first steps to take towards a happier, more well dressed you!

Day two of the cleanse is quick.

Look at every piece of clothing you have and decide instantly if it goes into one of three piles: keep, get it out, or try again.

This step has to be fast, because that first instinct is the one you want to go with. And the only way to spark that is to go through your pieces quickly.

Here are the qualifications for each pile:

1. Keep
This means it’s something you’ve recently worn, felt good in, and currently own other things with which it goes.

2. Get it out
You can’t remember the last time you wore it. When you did wear it, you either didn’t feel good in it, or have a bad memory attached. Maybe you associate it with a good memory, but you still don’t wear it (if that’s the case box it up, it still doesn’t need to be in your regular rotation). Either way, you can’t see yourself wearing this type of piece in the future.

3. Try again
If you’re at all wishy-washy about something, throw it in this pile. But it may not stay there for long. Come back tomorrow to see what to do with it (it’s fun!).

After you’ve separated everything out, put the keepers back in your closet, and do exactly what the second pile says to do-“get it out”.

This provides you with a sense of accomplishment and leaves you with only the “try again” pile to work on.

Come back tomorrow to reveal its fate!

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