Closet Cleanse: Day 1


Here’s some of the best advice I can give you about clothes: love your closet.

I’m talking your closet as a whole-love it. Have it clean, neat and organized because that’s where you start your day.

(Golden nugget of wisdom in 3…2…1)

Disorganization breeds discontent.

I literally said out loud, “Oh yeah, that’s good” when I was outlining this post. Because it’s true.

You will continually be discontent with how you look if every time you walk in your closet, all you see is a jumbled mess. Especially if you constantly have to push past clothes that you know you’ll never wear, to get to the ones you will.

Get ready faster and be more decisive in what you’re going to put on by having a clean and well organized space for your clothes.

That will make for a much happier you, I guarantee it.

So how and where do you start? It’s a good thing you asked, because right now is the perfect time to go through a closet cleanse.

With summer coming to a close, you can look back with fresh eyes and see what did and didn’t make the cut this summer, allowing you to purge those pieces that didn’t get touched.

Then take a look at your fall collection and see what all needs to be updated. Do all of this after you’ve read up on The Spiff this week because I’ll be giving you detailed instructions as to how to go through do this cleanse painlessly.

(Good news is you can still eat carbs in the middle of it).

Don’t fear, just keep on clicking back. We’ll go through this together, and you’ll come out a happier you!

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