A Clean Closet is a Happy Closet

Just in case you missed yesterdays segment, you can watch it here!

And I’d like to add one more thing…
I have my closet seperated out in categories (like I mention) so it ends up that winter clothes are seperate from summer ones (naturally). One thing I don’t do, is I don’t completely turn my back on my summer clothes when it’s cold out. My summer shirts are still viable options because they can be worn under a jacket and paired with a scarf, giving me plenty of combinations to choose from.
So keep that in mind when you’re going through things.

Also, now that spring is getting ready to put its tray table in the upright position ;) it’s a good thing to keep those bright summer shirts handy. The perfect way to transition from winter to spring is to pair those colors with heavier winter jackets/sweaters so that you’ve got the feel of warmth, but the look of cool.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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