Celebrate All the MOMments

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Choose to be thankful. I’m choosing to ignore the grill tool in that picture.

Motherhood is the craziest thing. It’s what kept me from the blog this week, but there wasn’t any one thing that stood in my way. Just a collection of life and motherhood.

I am constantly reminding myself to celebrate every moment. And truly, it has helped with my patience and miraculously made time slow down even just a wee bit.

That is hands down my go-to advice to mothers – enjoy every phase.

Even before I was pregnant I made a conscious decision to enjoy being baby free. As weird as that sounds (and as hard as it was at times) if you slow down and start listing out the things you’re thankful for in your current phase of life, it really gives you perspective. And establishes the habit of thankfulness. If you’re always looking to the next event/change/phase/thing to make you happy you get in the habit of never being actually happy.

I feel as if I’m always preaching this, but being content with where you are is the key. I was going to continue that sentence with “the key to…” but really, it’s just the key. Grounding your peace in God and His word and just being thankful.

This post took a turn I wasn’t planning, but it goes along with the title – celebrate all the moments. Whether you are a mother or you have one to celebrate – remember that each moment is precious. Look for something to be thankful for.

I’ll give you something to be thankful for…how about these links!? Haha! Here are some fun motherhood posts from over the years (ha – I say years, I’ve only been in this for a couple, but I AM AN EXPERT NOW ;)

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Be sure to celebrate all the mom’s and moments in your life this weekend, and come back next week for fresh content (I promise!) :)

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