5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Spiffy this Summer

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If you’re going to be in and out of the pool, the heat or even just in and out of bed (CAN I GET AN AMEN) I’ve got some tips to help you keep healthy hair!

This time of year our hair can take a beating, but it doesn’t have to with a few tweaks to our routine.

So take just a few minutes and watch these hair tips that I gave on 10 News This Morning.

One thing I didn’t get to mention on the show… that amazing brush I talk about at the end – that’s a great tool to use to get all the tangles out of your hair BEFORE you shower. I stand there and brush out my whole head before getting it wet so that I don’t have to deal with tangles afterwards.

I hope this will help you maintain spiffy hair this weekend and that you have a great time relaxing with family and friends!

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Watch How to Wear One Simple Outfit (you own) 4 Different Ways

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Oh, oh it’s magic! Or just accessories…

Walking into Charming Charlie in West Town Mall for this segment makes my mouth water in excitement.

I get so excited putting different looks together because I believe it will help you next time you get stumped with what to wear. It’s amazing how different a basic outfit of a white shirt and jeans can look with a few simple switches of accessories!


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Pack Light/Look Good with These Packing Tips

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Leave your worries, cares and most of your clothes at home this spring break (but still look good).

Clothing decisions for a town that’s hours away in a climate that could be drastically different from your home is hard. And the urge to pack everything “just in case” is strong. However, you HAVE to limit your stuff and no, your husband didn’t call me and ask me to say that.

The key is to consider each piece that you pack and realize it’s potential!

Watch as I’m able to take a few pieces from Altar’d State and turn them into multiple outfits. Oh and check out these cute bags!!!!

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