Casual Fridays

If yours is a casual Friday kind of office, then yay! That’s a great opportunity to give your “office clothes” a break, and put your cute weekend clothes to work.

When I say “cute weekend” clothes I don’t mean the t-shirt that’s three sizes too large either.  Use Fridays as a way to put together cute and comfortable outfits that you can potentially use while running errands on Saturdays.

That’s what I do.  Somehow putting together a casual outfit is wildly more difficult then a night on the town for me, so I get my practice on Fridays figuring out what works and sometimes knowing by lunch time-what doesn’t.

A few key pieces to have that make it a lot easier to put these types of outfits together are:
-Taylor-ed hoodies.  A taylored hoodie is much different from a normal one in that it gives you more shape and looks less like you’re in the middle of a Lifetime marathon.  Look for well structured shoulders and a closer fit when shopping for these.

-Causal flats. Casual Fridays doesn’t mean it’s the one time of the week to bust out your Nike’s, start looking for cuter shoes that fall in the “comfortable yet cute enough to wear to the movies and not be embarrassed if you run into someone you know” category.  These are so easy to find, and you’ll love it once you get a pair that’s so You!

-A ton of basic shirts-in every color under the sun.  These shirts will help you not just on Fridays, but everyday ending in Y.  They’ll give you a good foundation for layering and look casual, but still put together at the end of the week.

That’s it for this week, we’ve got a big reason to celebrate on Monday so come back and join the party!

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