Black, White & Leather

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As much as I love shopping a good sale, I also seriously cherish the feeling of being completely satisfied with what’s in my closet.

And I promise you, if you’ll make goals for your wardrobe this year and follow them when you shop, it will produce a well-balanced closet that will have you leaving as a happy customer every day.

Here are the deets for yesterday’s #ootd…

Piko Top: I’ve already started making good on my promise to buy multiples of an item when I really like it. And boy do I really like these Piko tops. They’re super comfortable, hang just right and provide the perfect backdrop for scarves or statement necklaces. The craziest thing about them? The fabric is 98% bamboo. Which has me looking for space in my yard to plant a couple dozen bamboo trees. Until that time, you can find them here and sometimes at Fiore in West Town Mall.

Statement Necklace: I am in love with the shape of this necklace. I picked this one up on super sale at Forever21. I don’t care how old you are, you need to go in there and check out their jewelry. Easy and cheap pieces like this can really make an outfit, especially if you’re wanting to get in on a trend but still dress your age. I can’t think of a better way to do that than with a $10 necklace (here’s one that’s comparable).

Leather Pants: I’ve wanted a pair of leather pants for a number of years. I held off buying them because I wanted to find the right pair that would fit well, not look too cheap and not require me to take out a loan. I hit the jackpot with this pair by Michael Kors, but here’s a cheaper version that looks just as good. Wear them as pants or leggings to add really cool texture to any outfit.

Patterned Heels: Well, I’ve already given you some good ideas here.


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