Why I Brag About Myself (and not just because it’s my birthday)


Let’s chat about loving ourselves.

If you have followed any of my content for any amount of time, you know that I’m not afraid to brag about myself. It’s done in a joking manner and the thought behind that is you don’t find many people who brag about themselves. Most often people are putting themselves down (especially women) – something I noticed a long time ago and wanted to change about myself.

You may think it’s funny, you may think it’s annoying, but I want to share the main reason behind why I do it…

I love getting to be who God created me to be. When I look in the mirror, I’m happy with what I see and thankful for the way God made me.

My first thought in writing that is how cocky it makes me sound (at first I wasn’t comfortable putting it in bold letters but I want it to grab your attention). Trust me, I can list off my flaws faster than you can say shoe sale. I didn’t get to being thankful for who I am overnight. It’s something I’ve worked at, studied scriptures on and pressed into for a good chunk of my life. And it pays off!

No the journey is not over. There are still days where I have to work at changing my thoughts about myself. But because the foundation of God’s word has been sewn into my spirit with verses such as, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) or “God is the health of my countenance” (Psalm 42:5), it’s easier to shoot down those darts of self depreciation.

So I’m sharing this because I want to encourage you.

A birthday doesn’t have to be a dreaded thing – “He renews your youth like the eagles” (Psalm 103:5). It’s another year that you get to be you. The person that God uniquely created to reflect an aspect of His Being. Someone with particular attributes He wanted to show off in the form of YOU. Since we’re all created in His image and we’re all so different it only makes sense that He uses people to show off different aspects of Himself. So celebrate what He put together in you!

Don’t fear or dread growing older, but look forward to the wisdom and experience of another year that you bring to the table.

And if for no other reason – enjoy being you because of this verse. This particular verse The Spiff is founded on because helping women love who God created them to be is the passion that drives my efforts…

Luke 14:11, “…if you are content to be simply yourself, you will become more than yourself,”

I want to be more than myself because that means I’m tapping into the supernatural “me” God had in mind all along. Let’s do it together!

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