Three Spiffy Things

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If you’ve been a long time reader of TheSpiff, you’ll know that when it comes to writing series I’m a bit fickle.

In the beginning there was “Spiff Splash” where I’d write about a bunch of things in one post. There was “This Weeks Nails” which I stuck to pretty regularly for a good year, but started to see that it wasn’t “well loved by the readers.” *air quotes.

There have been other smaller attempts at a series, but we don’t need to remember all of them. Sometimes looking through past posts is like looking at what you wore in high school, with the words, “What was I thinking?!” on repeat. Ha.

This time, though, this time will be different (she says hesitantly).

Three Spiffy Things is the shorter version of what I really wanted to title it, which was – Three Spiffy Things That Helped Me Get Through My Week and Maintain My Sanity.

They say to stick to less than three words for a title, so the rest got axed.

So I bring you the first Three Spiffy Things of *fingers crossed* many in a series to come…

Color Club Nail Polish

I was first introduced to Color Club when my beauty box subscription handed me nail polish from them in white. But it wasn’t just any white, it was the PERFECT white. Went on smoothly, covered well in two coats, not a stark white so I didn’t look like I had used office products – it was perfection.

I figured if they can handle making the perfect white, they can just about handle anything. This soft, yet still somehow bright pink is proof, they can, in fact, handle anything.

Gold Earrings

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I’ve been on an earring kick lately. Most likely it’s because my necklaces are duck taped to a bed sheet that’s laying in a heap on my floor #movingproblems, but you never can tell. ;)

I love the look of a strong earring peaking out from perfectly coiffed hair. And since my hair when perfectly coiffed can engulf large objects (I once lost a mini-golf pencil in there – true story), the bigger the earring, the better it shows up.

I reached for these beauties two days in a row this week, so you know it’s love.

Get your own (for less than lunch) at Forever21 in West Town Mall.

Fancy Pants Hand Soap

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God bless the buyer for TJMaxx/HomeGoods who said, “We should carry fancy pants soaps for cheap!”

Now that I have a gorgeous bathroom, I get excited to go pick out a fancy soap. My only requirement is that it looks good. This one happens to smell delicious, but not in a lingering it-makes-my-burger-smell-like-orange-blossoms way. Thank God.


Stop by West Town Mall between 1 and 4 tomorrow to see me, enjoy a great fashion show and win fabulous prizes!

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