Spiffier You in 2018: Eliminating Excuses


Let’s do this.

Goals, health, routine: I have a hard time blogging this time of year because I feel as if I’m one of 1,000 using those same January buzzwords.

But I’m taking a lite approach. OR AM I? DROP AND GIVE ME TEN jk just keep reading…

First, you need to make sure you’re thankful for where you are and what you see in the mirror. Regardless of the steps you take beyond this point, if you don’t love how you look now, you’ll never be thankful no matter what changes. So find two or three things you love about yourself currently and write them down so you can see them every day.

Be conscious to not hold nit-picking sessions in the mirror.

Next, pin point what your goals are. I’d like to loose a couple of pounds that I put on over the holidays and get back into my gym routine…hitting it a certain number of minutes longer than I did last year.

So what’s your clear-cut goal?

Okay, now that you’ve set that. Let’s take away the excuses that pop up (I know these well because they’ve been trying to bed down on my lap for years).

One: I don’t have time to work out.

Fine. Then watch what you eat. As you get older it’s what you eat that makes the biggest difference. I found that when I curtail my taste buds and stay away from foods that are bad for me (carbs, sugar), it develops habits (and cravings) that will help me whether I’m in or out of a busy season with the gym.

That being said – working out still helps!

Two: Working out is too inconvenient.

Really? Then how about this 20 minute session you can do in your own home. 
OR this series is THE GREATEST. I have kept myself in shape for years (and throughout my pregnancy) by doing these videos alone. They are soooo convenient because they have different time options. And each video includes Anna (LOVE HER) and ways to make it easier on yourself if you’re a novice.

I encourage you to start with one video. Just one and see how awesome you feel afterwards. Then later, remember how good you feel once it’s done – that will motivate you to do it again!

Also, working with weights, be it body weight or small hand weights, will cause you to continue burning calories after you’re done.

Three: I don’t have anything to wear.

Well, my friends, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be addressing this more later in the week but for now… Let’s look at what you do have!

Pull out everything that’s “workout appropriate.” I bet you have more than you think you do. Once you do see all you’ve got, you can see what needs to be filled in. All you need are 4 pairs of pants and 4 tops (but don’t tell my husband that, since I’m constantly buying workout clothes). If you’re going out to a gym where other people will see you, simply rotate through these options. If you go three times a week then you’ll have one to spare! (PS: t-shirts count, so throw some in the mix).

It’s not all about how you look in the gym, but do make sure the clothes are clean and nice looking. You’re not going to be motivated to go anywhere if you’ve got holes in your shirts/pants. And the good news is Walmart, TJMaxx and even JCP are all great places to stock up on cheap workout basics (I know because I have).

Come back later in the week for more tips with sports bras and gym clothes. Meanwhile GET OUT THERE. Get to eating right and get to be a spiffier you!

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