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I’ll never forget the feeling of sheer panic that washed over me the first night my husband and I fell asleep in our apartment.

If the scene were to be played out on TV, the camera would show my face, lying there wide-eyed as the weight of full adulthood became more prominent than the comforter I was covered with. Next to me would appear to be my peacefully sleeping new husband, but as the camera pans to show his face – we see the same exact expression of panic.

We laugh about it now, how that first night was silently scary for both of us. Then we shake our heads and chuckle at how much growing up we did in 34-O.

This past week we left that chapter in our lives and moved into our first house.

The first night in our house wasn’t nearly as scary. Due mostly to the fact that we were both too tired to be anything but tired.

I thought I would be super sad to leave the apartment because of all the memories we built there, but Dayton reminded me that you take the memories with you and make new ones wherever you go. It’s not the house, it’s the people in it (someone please tell that to Miranda Lambert and get her to quit singing that song “The House that Built Me” IT MAKES ME CRY).

Sure it sounds like we had a cheesy Full House-esque moment, but it’s true. You build new memories wherever you go.

Then you box them up, wonder why you’ve saved so much crap and end up throwing half of it away at your next destination. If that sounds like I’m tired of unpacking, well then I nailed it.

It will take time to settle in, but the change is exciting. And the fact that I find the change exciting is exciting.

Just wanted to give you a sneak peek into what was happening with me this week. Now look around your perfectly unpacked house and be thankful for it ;)

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