My Two Valentines!

jackson in a suit

our familyYou know Dayton was the first boy I ever spent Valentine’s Day with.

I was always a summer-dater who didn’t like the commitment once school started, so I didn’t have many relationships in the winter. But he changed that. And boy, did he win me over big time our first day of love together…

We got all dolled up to go on the river boat for a dinner cruise and in the parking lot before we went in, he hands me a gift. It’s a book that he had published that was the story of how we met. I had started the story as a way to survive while telemarketing (the worst possible job for someone like me who hates talking on the phone), and he picked up where I left off and got the whole thing published.

I mean…

To this day when I pass it on the bookshelf I’m still breathless at the thought and time that went into that.

Yadda, yadda, yadda 11 years later I had his baby ;)

I’m so excited to be mom to this little boy, but even more so I’m excited for him to have Dayton as his dad. To teach him things like how to impress a girl and how to treat her right.

Make sure you’re treated right this Valentine’s Day – even if it’s treating yourself to something fun! :)

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