Jackson Update: 10 Months

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If I had a dollar for every time I heard how fast it goes, I could pay for Jackson’s college education already.

At first, it annoyed me to hear so often how fast it speeds by, but then I realized two things:

1. People aren’t going to stop saying it. No matter how much you pay them.

2. Instead of getting annoyed, use it as a reminder to soak up every moment.

So I’ve done that since day one (because I started hearing about it 10 minutes after the strip said “Prego!” – which is barely an exaggeration). I have to say, it’s helped me not feel as if it’s flown by at lightning speed.

Just a little public service announcement for all you moms out there.

Here’s what Jackson’s been into these days…


Alright we’ll see you next time! Ha, I could end there because it is an accurate answer.

But I will get more specific…


He can crawl, pull up and feed himself.

Last night he fed himself a whole plate of carrots! He served himself too as the carrots were in a bowl designed not to topple over while babies ate out of it. He fixed that and dumped it over onto the highchair. Problem: solved.

He’ll eat anything but always gives you a “what is this you’ve stuck in my mouth?!” face to something even if he’s had it before.

He is so proud/excited to stand up. 90% of the time when he pulls up or you stand him up, he gives this proud “look what I did” kind of laugh and looks around to see who saw it. Love that.

He is pointing a lot and uses that same index finger to pick up food. I could watch that little finger come out and scoot a puff into his palm for HOURS.

Character Traits:

He giggles the most right now when you try to startle him. I was acting silly one day (ha, one day) and I would pretend like I wasn’t looking at him then ah-BOO! And oh my goodness – hard-core belly laughs.

The best noise on the planet.

Still into things that bang together. And definitely into things in a basket – more specifically things that aren’t his designated toys in a basket. *rolls eyes

Overall he’s chill and always so happy (except when Mommy tries to get him to nap without being held, Ha!)

Gosh, I love this kid. :)

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