Beauty Hack for Fuller Lashes (Psst: It’s super cheap)

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Easy, safe, oh and CHEAP.

Currently there’s a big emphasis on hair. Particularly the hair around your eyes – full eyebrows, full lashes. Basically, if you make lashes and eyebrow toupees you’re sitting in high cotton…finally.

Let’s focus on lashes for today…

There are so many options out there from magnetic lashes (more on that later) lash extensions that you get filled in about once a month, and serums. All of which can cost you anywhere from $50 – $150 and beyond I’m sure.

My thoughts on the serums and things that you put on your lashes for “natural growth” are this… While I’m not saying I’ll never try them, I’m hesitant to do so because well, it’s going near my EYES. But also because I like being able to add drama for special occasions. And while having longer-than-life lashes every day would be glorious (gosh, skipping the mascara portion of my makeup routine would have me doing praise hands), I like being able to switch up a special occasion look with fuller lashes.

Having said all of that, I did have some stubby lashes on my right eye that I wanted to fix. I don’t know why but in the middle of my eye there was a small band of lashes that held hands and decided to stop growing. It always annoyed me when I put on my mascara and I wanted it fixed.

I did some research and saw that rubbing Vaseline (or petroleum oil) on your lashes causes them to grow. I thought I’d give it a try, so I put a big ole’ tub on my night stand and started rubbing it on my lashes before falling asleep.

Turns out – it works! ALL of my lashes (including that rebellious clique) are now longer and fuller. I love putting mascara on because it emphasizes how nice and full they look.

Now, it’s not a DANG GIRL YOUR LASHES ARE POKING ME IN THE FACE type of growth, but it is noticeable enough that I could tell it really works. And I probably rubbed Vaseline on them for two weeks when I started seeing results.

I wish I had taken some masterful before and after photos, but it’s hard to nail that kind of thing. Just know, I’m loving the results and I believe you will too.

All you have to do is take some Vaseline in between your fingers and rub it on your lashes!

Cheap and safe – sounds good to me!

Want some tips on applying false lashes? I’ve got you covered!

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