Thanks & Giving Part II

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I am very against throwing the “b” word around. But this week called for it – it was busy.

There were moments when I felt a little overwhelmed, but as is my policy, I didn’t talk about it. That seems to only make it worse and chances are the person you vent to is or has been busier than you are, so I do my best to suck it up. I just breathe and rest in God and the thought that my life is filled with so many good things to do!

I also cherish moments like this one at Remedy Coffee House. I was in between meetings downtown and got to just take a moment to sit and plan and drink coffee {mostly} internet free (I had my phone but I limited my scrolling).

I think a lot of times what adds to our feeling of being overwhelmed is that we don’t give our brain a quiet moment during the day. When we see one coming, we reach for social medial. I’m forcing myself to limit that. And man does it make a difference.

So that’s the first thing I’m thankful for – a schedule that allows me to take a second and have coffee in a cool place.

Along these lines, I’m thankful for my husband who has quietly pitched in and helped me tremendously around the house this week.

House work is what quickly sends me over the edge on weeks that are jam-packed. Probably because the visual reminder of all that needs to get done follows me around. And when you work from home some days, it’s inescapable. I so appreciate him pitching in and doing things without pointing it out, rubbing in my face or even requiring me to say thank you.

He just does it to help and I love him eternally for that.

Finally, I’m thankful for my straightener (remember that time I said not everything would be deep?).

My big brother got me this straightener over ten years ago and it’s been a beast ever since in spite of the many drops to the floor and that one time I left it on overnight!

Chi is where it’s at, folks, if you’re looking for a new one.

And what I’m giving this week? Well, on Wednesday I gave a little something to a girl who moved here a little while ago. You can tell just by talking to her for a few minutes that she still misses her hometown and that just hits all my weak spots! I know what it’s like to miss your hometown and I also know that it gets better!

What are you thankful for and giving this week!?

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