Smell Fresh


It’s been my lifelong goal to get complimented on my perfume, and unfortunately it’s only happened once.

I don’t know why!

Does my body absorb the smell? 
Do I need to bathe myself in the spray?
I mean literally fill a bathtub with Banana Republic’s Alabaster and dip my body into it every morning?
What’s it going to take here people!?

I thought I’d start with a body spray and work my way back to perfume (a cheaper, more sensible plan than the perfume-filled-tub experiment). This plan was actually inspired by the boys.

The deodorant brands that market to guys offer a body spray that matches the scent of the antiperspirant, making one complete smelling scent-sation.

Do you know how many spray/deodorant offerings were available for women? Just one. Secret. (At least that’s all that was offered at Target. But then again, Target, God bless them, doesn’t have the greatest variety).

It’s Romantic Rose, and it comes with a body spray that smells fresh and makes me feel refreshed.

Do you know how many times I’ve been complimented on my smell since I’ve been wearing it? Oh girl, at least…well, not once. But I feel fresh and it’s a great way to shake off that nasty afternoon feeling.

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