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In my first post for The Spiff I compared the maiden blog entry to opening a new makeup product. Because nothing beats the feeling of promise that you have when you hold a new product in your hand.

It’s a magical feeling that has you believing the thin plastic protector is the only thing that stands between you and perfect you.

Few products can live up to that kind of hype. I got to try a new one yesterday that had me believing in makeup again *camera pans off to the starry sky. ;)

Bare Minerals is for sure one of my favorite beauty brands. Cracking open my makeup drawer will prove this. I love the fact that their stuff is good for your skin, it’s hydrating, has lots of SPF, sold at a great price point, and makes me look good (it’s not a hard job, really *tosses hair).

BUT lately I’ve been on the hunt for new foundation because while I’ve been a long term fan of their original formula, it doesn’t wear well. And I got tired of coming home after work and having to really touch up my face. Single Elizabeth would completely redo her makeup for a fresh look. Mother Elizabeth doesn’t have the time.

Obviously, Bare found out that one of their most loyal slash INFLUENTIAL customers was shopping around, and immediately scrambled to produce something that would keep me happy. Don’t burst my bubble – they made it just for me.

Bare Pro is their new foundation. It’s equivalent to MAC makeup in that it’s the pressed powder. Except: It’s filled with natural ingredients and is still good for your skin and is in for the long haul.

I stopped by the Bare Minerals in West Town Mall yesterday to put it to the test and here’s what I thought about it…

1. It looked beautiful. The finish was even better than the original formula – very smooth and “airbrushy”.

2. I loved the feeling of the new brush it comes with. The liquid foundation Bare came out with a few years ago was very dissappointing (the brush was TERRIBLE) so I was hesitant about this one. But it’s great. The brush is super soft and does a great job of buffing the product onto your face.

3. I had it applied around 1:30 and from there did all my regular stuff – worked outside, chased Jackson around for a while, cleaned the house, made dinner, ran errands. All the while I would stop to check my face – FLAWLESS.

4. I went to bed a little earlier than usual but tried to hold off washing my face since it was applied so late in the day. I wanted to truly test its longevity. After 8 hours I felt as if it looked way better than my face normally does with the original formula. There were still parts that needed to be touched up, but I didn’t feel the need to start completely over. If I were to have left the house at that point and run into an old friend, I would have been good with how I looked. The next level up would be running into an old boyfriend, which I wouldn’t give it that great of a review. But that’s a high bar to reach.

Here’s a pic of me right before I washed my face. It’s hard to get the details, but don’t I look fresh? ;)

me bare minerals

Summary: I’m in. It’s not a matter of if I’m going to buy, it’s a matter of – how fast can I use up the foundation I do have so I can justify going out and buying this.

Hey, if you want to hear more from me, get some great deals AND a little makeover – stop by the Bare Minerals store in West Town Mall this Saturday! I’ll be there from 12-2 talking about my experience with the products. There will be coffee and chocolate and giggles – we’ll have a grand time. So come on by! It’s right behind Starbucks near the main entrance.

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