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Currently, I’m a sucker for articles that talk about making your life easier.

Whether it’s doing the wash, cleaning the house, balancing work and baby – I want any tips that can help me do all of that without collapsing in a sweaty heap of exhaustion.

And since I aim to write the blog I want to read, I’ve got several links here that will help make your summer season easier.


Enjoy an article from a talented writer who takes you on an incredible journey to find the perfect summer necklace. Well, the talented part is true, the “incredible journey” is more like a 150-word post with a joke here and there ;) It is a great summer alternative to the statement necklace without all the weight.


Here’s a post about how to make your meal planning/cooking easy. I use this same service, and I think it’s funny that the girl who wrote this post doesn’t like cooking at all yet still enjoys the service. I, on the other hand, LOVE cooking and two am a big fan of this meal service.

So whichever camp you fall in, you’ll be pleased.


The idea of making a summer to-do list sounds so fun! This was written by Piper Hansen, an impressive young girl who is truly making a name for herself. This post will inspire your summer fun, but keep it organized so it’s not overwhelming. It will also be great to look back on to see all that you did over the summer months – I love that because then it will help me feel as if I properly soaked up every moment :)


So this is going to get a little awkward… The last link is to an article I wrote about what to have in your summer beauty bag. Turns out one of these items gave me a rash. I’ll let you decipher which one…just kidding.

The “free and clear” sunscreen…yeah, that didn’t leave me free of itching and clear of bumps and redness at all. Nor did it leave my baby clear of those things either. Whaaa Whaaaa.

Beware of that, but do enjoy everything else in the bag.

The tinted moisturizer from Bare Minerals is TRULY AMAZING. I want to put it on my whole body.

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