Baby Update

When it comes to sharing personal information, I always err deeply on the side of not. In fact if it weren’t perfect for promoting my business and keeping up with out of town friends and family, I could live happily without ever seeing the inside of Facebook.

But that’s not the world we live in. And while I’ll still keep some things guarded, I do want to share an update about our little slice of cutie pie.

I am now half way through the pregnancy. Whoo hoo! I say that not because I’ve been feeling bad or anything, but because it means we’re closer to meeting this kid!! And for that I can hardly wait :)

I have started feeling him move now, which is the most fascinating/amazing/indescribable feeling in the whole wide world. I never understood why women would feel sorry for men not getting to experience pregnancy, but now I kind of do. Having a human wiggle around in there is…well it’s amazing.

As you can see I’ve grown a little baby bump!

5 months jpg

Twice now I thought I had successfully dressed around it to where it wasn’t obvious (since this is the stage where people might wonder if you’re pregnant or just not doing enough situps), but both times people I know pointed out the fact that they could see my belly. Haha, oh well.

I do think I may have maxed out my favorite jeans. I can stand very comfortably in any of my current pants, but sitting…that requires strategic movement, grunting, and maneuvering to get comfortable. And even then it ends up being a question of – how discreetly can I un-button these things? A maternity pants shopping trip is quickly approaching.

Cravings are pretty much limited to Chick-Fil-A lemonade. I’m serious when I say, I could take a tall glass of that any time in the day or night. But I loved that stuff before, so it seems as if my taste in food is just amplified. I’ve got to stop writing about that lemonade because now I’m plotting on how I could go get some…

My current goal with this pregnancy is to just enjoy every stage of it. I’m trying to do my best to not spend my time wishing for any other time but now. I feel that if I start practicing that now, once he gets here I’ll be able to continue to relax and enjoy every stage.

Hey, remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Watching this guy get knit together in my womb reminds me of that verse every time.

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