And We’re LIVE

Oh the joys of live television.

Unfortunately I experienced this first hand this week, whenever the wrong app was thrown up on the screen.

I’m not blaming anyone because unfortunately a lot of apps are named the same and I should have been more specific. But it’s funny to watch as I make up things about a hair app I’ve never seen before…

 The one I meant to show is called “Hair DIY” (just saw the “DIY” part…oops) and I like it because you can search for hair styles by what kind of hair you have or want to have. For example, short, wavy, braided, and on and on. It’s a paired down hair section of Pintrest that takes all the ridiculously creative projects out of the way and leaves you simply with hair styles to try.

 With that in mind, here’s this weeks segment :) Enjoy!

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