You’re Invited to a Party…On My Arm


This week is kind of a big deal.

On Wednesday I officially (the party was early for other reasons) turn 30!

So here on The Spiff we’re going to party all week long. Starting with a party on our arms!

For a while now I’ve been wanting to master the “arm party” where you pile up bracelets in varying colors and textures to create a cool/unique/multifaceted look.

But the ability to do it correctly has evaded me, until this weekend.

I put together an arm party that’s worth celebrating…

arm party

The key is to start with one piece and mix from there. Most of the time the piece you’ll begin with is a watch.

In this look I started with one of my classic watches. From there I added a wrap bracelet (because you want everything to lay close to your arm-it’s hard to mix bangles and elastic as they bangles will always win). Then to play off the silver glint in the white wrap bracelet, I added a small sparkly silver number.

I did this same look with a different watch and a pop of color here…

arm party

The key is to not pile up so much that you look like you’re wearing a bejeweled arm cast.
Most importantly, have fun with it!

If you don’t think you could go all out with this look, but still want to try it then add just one bracelet and a watch, or mix two different bracelets to see what you think.

Have a party on your arm, it’s fun!

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