A Lesson in Styling From the Golden Globes


Today we’re going to use the Golden Globes for our own benefit. We’re going to take a lesson in styling.

Besides the gowns, the one thing I like to look at is how each person is styled. Because you know they poured over each and every inch of themselves, deciding every detail with a team of people.

Why not learn from what they decided instead of hiring your own team?

golden globesLet’s start with my absolute favorite look of the night (and really, the woman I think takes the crown for being most gorgeous in Hollywood…) Kate Beckinsale.

The lesson here is, less is more.

This gorgeous gown has such a fantastic metallic sheen, that it should rightfully own the spotlight (even come with one).
What I like best about her look, is that she stayed true to her style.
golden globesShe’s an elegant woman and while this dress gives her a little edge, she doesn’t play that up. She adds simple earrings and gets her hair off her neck so that again, the dress and its neckline get all the attention.
I can see someone else adding a black bracelet or too, making it a little more rock and roll. But that’s not her style. The dark nails (which were a big trend) and clutch are just enough of a statement to not take her out of her range.
The take away: Never loose “you” when you’re getting dressed. And don’t add jewelry everywhere just because you see a blank spot. Less is most certainly more.
My next favorite was Julianna Margulies.
Again, she went with minimal jewelry which kept all the attention where it should be – her amazing skin and dress. A necklace would have been too much with those embellishments at her shoulders, just as longer earrings wouldn’t have worked.
golden globesShe kept it simple with a tassel bracelet, pinky ring and nude nails.
The take away (and you’re about to see a theme): The less you have on, the more your chosen pieces will shine. Nothing is competing for attention on her. It’s all flowing together and creates just enough visual interest without being too busy.
There were several fantastic looks (and many not so fantastic). The common theme I found with the good ones was that they were styled well.
Remember to edit yourself before walking out the door to your next star-studded gala ;)
And always remember – Less is more!
(Pictures courtesy of People.com)  

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