A Stylish Outfit With Zero Accessories


Sometimes less is more on point.

I walked out the door dressed for church a couple weeks ago without a single accessory.

I tried to accessorize, even put on a necklace, it just seemed odd not to. I think sometimes we wear things because it’s “what you’re supposed to wear” or it’s our little routine – “I always wear a ____”. But I want to change that. When you box yourself in to what you think you’re supposed to wear, you begin to stop wearing things because you feel good in them and do it out of obligation or habit. Let’s only wear things that make us feel like our best, wearing only things we love and feel beautiful in.

It’s not always the case, (and don’t tell Dolly I said this) but sometimes an outfit doesn’t need embellishing.

So how do you know when an outfit doesn’t need embellishing? The best answer is, when jewelry doesn’t highlight anything.

Now if you could see my ears better, I would have added some studs (probably pink ones), but you can’t really see my ears through all my hair.

So if you don’t have this going on, remember even the smallest of earrings can make an impact, add polish and make you look purposeful. That’s always the goal – looking purposeful. Like you put time and effort into your look (without having to put lots of time/effort into your look), and it doesn’t require a pile of jewelry!

A bold patterned anything – sweater, jacket, top – help to give life and visual impact which means you can minimize the jewelry.

Remember you’re adding highlights with accessories, and a page that’s fully highlighted isn’t easy on the eyes.

Sweater is from J Crew (exact sweater link! Ha, that never happens) | jacket and jeans Express | shoes Target (all of which I’ve owned for years)

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