A Simple Technique for Glowing Skin

Christmas time is here!

I hope your food coma from Thanksgiving has worn off and you’re finally able to function upright again.

This time of year when your eating habits change and the weather is really cold outside, it can sometimes show up on your skin.

face oilSo be sure you’re still being kind to that large organ of yours and think about implementing face oil. Kiehls makes a great night oil that restores moisture, regenerates and repairs your skin overnight.

You’ve probably heard me talk about how great facial oil is for your skin and how it’s not something to run from. Remember, if you put good oil on your face it notifies your skin to stop producing that bad oils that give us blotchy-ness, dry patches and breakouts. Oh my!

Here’s a way to apply this facial oil, that will help benefit you the most…

First, apply moisturizer to your face. When it comes to touching your face with your fingers, you want to make sure you’re patting it on. This will help not stretch your skin.

Next, pour some facial oil into your palm and rub your hands together. This will help activate the oils and get them ready to do their job. Then pat the oil all over your face.

The oil locks in the moisturizer you just applied, so that they can’t evaporate which means you’re skin gets the full benefit of the cream AND the oil. This is especially good this time of year when our water intake may not be where it should (but our whip cream intake is juuust fine *wink), and the weather outside is dryer.

Let’s have glowing skin whether we’re by the fire or not!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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