A Great Way to Add Excitement to Your Closet

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Half of my closet is on the floor.

During Jackson’s party over the weekend, apparently the excitement was too much for my closet rack to bear and it fell off the wall.

Sure it’s annoying to have to dig through a pile to get to anything I want to wear, but on the positive side I’m catching glimpses of some of my favorite sweaters. WHICH MAKES ME WANT FALL NOW.

As I started thinking/dreaming/drooling over cooler days, football and leaves I started thinking about what I would need to make my fall wardrobe work best (of course).

I’m very good at getting sweaters and jackets, but not so great at finding things to wear underneath them. But if I start working on that now, I’ll have great patterned pieces to wear through the close of summer, I’ll get them on sale, and I’ll have them to layer under a sweater later.

That’s a win, win, win, win situation (the forth win being for the fact that IT WILL SOON BE FALL).

The Limited is the first place that comes to mind when I think of great patterned pieces. They’ve got such good quality clothes, and patterned tops that can be easily dressed up or down.

Any of these colorful tops would add excitement to your basic pants, jeans and sweaters…though not to the level where they all jump off the wall like mine did*

The Limited has a great new look as of today, so be sure to stop by their store in West Town Mall.


*No promises.

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